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How to write a report

How to write a report ?

In time abounded in programs and events and varied, it became to be included, archiving and on this, as well as leading the viewer

Where radicalization noted that there are many types of reports, which are by nature of the event, the goal of this report, people directed them to the report.
A common reports:

– A report on the trip (a school, scouts, family, collective …)

– A report on the event (race, celebration, festival …)

– A report on the incident: (a traffic accident, earthquake, flood …)
The different source report:

– Press report (are reviewed and published to a public segments of society)

– An administrative report (is sent to the departments and agencies authorized to take a certain position on Mayardah report)

– A personal report (often in the form of a memorandum, but fit to be the source of many of the reports)

– Intelligence report (confidential report be limited to a specific destination, and this in order to take certain actions or measures in the near term, medium or long)
Stages of writing
The preparatory phase to write the report

– Determine the type of report: What do you regard the report? For example, a report on the accident in … .., Enkerir for a school tour to the city of ……

* Note of the report includes:

– Sources report: import the information from the source of the report carefully and above, and the more sources report more was better and has greater weight and reference

– The point of the report (the reader): the report is written according to the destination which sent to him, if the reader is not like the general public is a friend and not like someone who is a manager, the more the readers of the report was less deeper report.

– The goal of the report: a goal that was found for her report, it may be the goal of the report to express new ideas, the problems and issues in order to solve them, has been limited to a specific event only archiving.

– The report materials: everything supports the report and confirmed include photos, maps and illustrations Statistics, as these materials increase the credibility of the report and supported by more.
Phase coordination to write a report

– Write an outline plan for the report: starting with basic and addresses, then the Sub-first-class, second-class sub .., to connect all the very content of the report.

– Order report content: and sorting on a time basis (morning before the evening) and logical (great name by writing small) and the systematic name (Showing positive case before the negative case)
Stage writing and recording report

Page 1 Report Title: The report shows the number, address, and transmittal letter, which was prepared on the basis of the report and the names of the sponsors of the report and the number of pages, date, then the person or entity that will direct the report.

2 contents of the report and describes the various sections and topics and a list of tables and charts and guidelines and locations. The following introduction This page includes a summary of the general theme of the report.

3 summary of the report: a brief as it contains the report and its purpose and procedures that have been taken and the results that have been reached and recommendations developed in the light of these findings this and we must note that the purpose of the summary of the report is to provide a summary of the report with some focus and not a description of the report as there Some people read only the summary.

4 Results: where are discussed and display the results that could be accessed from the reality of the data and facts and opinions that have been collected and analyzed with a detailed view of it and the foundations that have been developed by the recommendations.

5 Recommendations include all the recommendations that could be accessed and justifications put and coverage needs.

6 detailed report: It represents the body of the report includes the steps that led to the findings and recommendations.

7 Appendices: includes all supplements that are mentioned in the report. This should be noted that the previous structure is not the structure imposed followed in the preparation of all reports have different structure depending on the nature of the report and the different attitude that treats For example may precede the detailed report (body report) findings and recommendations in the case of the difficulty of absorbing or understand results without seeing and study report detailed.

B method: Decide which style will be the writing style, logical narrative, related paragraphs, separate paragraphs, sequencing through the numbered points. Note that with any of the previous patterns must be based on the logical sequence of events or ideas or facts and information. As you should notice your writing style scientific and technical reports, and business reports must be balanced away from the language of exaggeration or over-literary analogies.

C arrangement and coordination must take into account the help report Reader Highlight and numbered sections and different parts within each department, taking into account that this numbering will separate itself from any other division of the report in terms of dividing it into sections or parts or chapters Valtrgim which we mean here is an internal split in the sections of the report.

D Legends: Think of the most appropriate means of explanation that can be used as you type, so that the link between the legend and written material used strong and come only through the study of the appropriate way to express the idea started.

His introduction to the report: As already mentioned that the report will need to be submitted which are usually written after the completion of the writing of the report and prepared and remember that this introduction should not include any details contained in the sections of the report or its accessories. This introduction to the report should include the following:
Name of the person who sends the report, or the names of the report will be sent to them if it will be sent to more than one person, where their names are placed in order according to their level career.
The date of the report.
The subject of the report. And dimensions, and its components, and its target.
Some brief information about the evolution of the events that led to the existence of the problem addressed by the present report.
The most important conclusions and recommendations offered by the report.
The report logical partitions and how to arrange them.
Expressions used to denote the special meanings in the report, it is important to make an interesting introduction to the report as much as possible. By showing some of the financial significance and laboratory points.
And writing sections of the report and attachments: better to write each part of the report on the unit in the sense that focuses on writing one department or facility and one of the report at one time if possible and even flow of ideas in sequence during the time without interruption. This is also better to take into account the following points when you write each part.
I remember facts and opinions that have been obtained and identify their source.
Analyzed these facts and opinions.
Select the results of this analysis.
Select the recommendations resulting from these results.
Point to the material covered in the attachments described briefly.
G Summary or Conclusion: Conclusion must address all or some of the following points:
A brief summary to the report sections.
A brief summary of the findings and recommendations.
It said decisions due Recombination clearly as a result of the recommendations, as well as persons to whom the issuance of these decisions.
The necessary forms Studies said if the situation requires it.
H list of references: Your report must include a list of references which Omdtk facts and information.

Phase IV: Review:
After you finish writing drafts of the report leave it aside for a day or two if time permits. Then go back to it and addressed critical objective look as if it were someone else who is prepared. And then after selecting how to write a report on a typewriter and that the prior identification of the following:
Type and size of paper used.
The distances between the lines and will leave some of them.
The size of the written space inside the paper (margins left on the sides of the page).
Headlines that will be written in the middle of the pages, side and addresses.
Lines and arcs, which will be developed to address the main and side.
How to implement the fees and clarifications.
Number of images required.
The final form (binding).

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